A Night In Belanglo

The year was 1976, Paul, his father and his uncle Michael would often go hunting in Belanglo State Forest to mainly hunt rabbits. Paul was aged 13 at the time.

Belanglo State Forest is a planted forest, of mainly pine but some native forestry around the edges in New South Wales; its total area is about 3,800 hectares. Paul, his dad and his uncle arrived at Belanglo Forest during the winter of 76, where they drove around in their EH Holden trying to expose animals in the night time, their hunt ended in the early hours of the morning and they slept in Belanglo, in their car.

Paul was startled awake by the sound of footsteps outside their car, as the fog and the ice blocked his vision of outside the window he wasn’t sure what to do. At first he thought it might have been an animal, but he kept hearing it pace around the car, Paul being only young was in shock and was thinking the worst, that there was a person outside their car. He closed his eyes. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw a dark shadow of a human trying to peer through the driver’s window, Paul in shock and in disbelief that what he was actually seeing was real, went back to sleep. When he woke, his uncle had driven himself and his dad to Goulburn. Michael stated “I heard footsteps and saw a human shadow outside of the car, and when I couldn’t hear them anymore I quickly drove out of the forest and to Goulburn.”

Belanglo Forest today is infamously known for the missing backpackers and the Ivan Milat killings that occurred throughout the 80s and 90s. As this event occurred prior to these killings it is unlikely, but not impossible that a serial killer was outside their car, but Paul and his uncle can’t figure out who it could have be, if it was a farmer who lived nearby, why didn’t he use a flashlight? and why were there no sounds of a car? The answer is unknown, and the memory has haunted Paul throughout his life.



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